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All questions about the VPN service that we offer.

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Find here all your questions about the Reseller Hosting System.

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 I ordered a domain name but its shows that it is not available. What must i do?

By order a domain name can it take upto 2 days at max before your domain might be up and running....

 How long does it take before my order will be active after payment?

After you done your payment then it can take up to Instant or upto 8 hours. But your order will...

 Could not connect to the Master Server.

Your IP was unable to connect to the Master Server.This could be for various reasons:1) If you...

 My website have a downtime, how will you compasate it to me?

In a case like this are we tracking the downtime issue. We provide our premium clients...

 Do you provide Real 24/7 Support?

Yes. We have level 1 and level 2 support staff and senior system administrators working around...

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